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Evolve with Xperios: Paritor’s

new tuition administration experience

Built for everyone, to support a modern

approach to working

Using the latest technology to make life easier and improve the experience of everyone involved with your organisation

Allow teaching to take the main stage

We’re committed to ensuring that your service runs efficiently,

allowing teaching to be the number one priority.

Office efficiency
Teachers, schools and parents can manage their own data, eliminating or simplifying many tasks like timetable changes, pupil premium data and updating contact information
Data security
The data is kept in UK data centres accredited ISO 27001 - ensuring the highest data security standards. The built in compliance tools ensure GDPR and data protection rules are adhered to.
Business continuity
Cloud based data centres with mirrored servers and backups results in less down time (our providers SLA guarantees 99.9% uptime) and ensures your data is not reliant on typical hardware systems.
Improved customer service
Parents and Schools can access they information they need through our online portals, improving satisfaction and reducing time eaten up by ad-hoc enquiries.
Reduced errors
Teachers, schools and parents can view and correct data so any errors in billing info is picked up very quickly
Improve cash flow, reduce bad debt
Collect money in a more timely manner. Using online payments, parents can pay upfront or to a schedule that best suits them.

We’re always here to help

We provide customers with the support they need.

It’s not just about software, it’s about transforming your business.



Our dedicated friendly support team is always available to answer any questions quickly and efficiently.


We ensure you have the skills to get the most of the Paritor software, with both inhouse and open courses available.


Improve your efficiency and service. Our team of experts can help you get the best from your Paritor software.

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