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Fast and Efficient Features

An Overview of Xperios

Developed with over 25 years of experience in tuition management software. Xperios will streamline your tuition service, giving you time to inspire a new generation of students. Our meticulously designed interface makes life easier and saves hours, time you can spend on building your business.

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Feature Packed

Everything you need in an easy-to-use, all in one tuition management software for you and any administrators. There are also portals for teachers, parents and schools to use from any device, online or offline, anywhere, any time!

Future Proof

Using a revolutionary design, Xperios is ready for any business changes in the years to come. Xperios can support remote working for employees and deal with the growing customer demand for easy access to information. Providing innovative ways to streamline processes and simplify the management with our school management software is what we’re all about.

A Streamlined Booking Process

A busy school or centre is prone to becoming buried in bookings. Our system simplifies the process.

Escape Data Entry

With Xperios you don’t need to book people onto a course, they can quickly and simply book on themselves. All you need to provide is a link to your portal. Once there, they complete all the information required and, if not on a waiting list, can make payments there too. When you log into Xperios you can monitor who’s booked on and audit the data, but you won’t need to manually enter it yourself.

Carefree Capacity Control

The Xperios portals provide two booking options: direct bookings and waiting applications. This helps to control the capacity for all of your services. You can assign statuses to bookers to help you keep tabs on their booking journey. Xperios lets bookers know as soon as their status surges on to the next stage.

A parent using our online portal for music school scheduling software to book a guitar class on a tablet.
Easy Online Payments

Let Xperios take secure online payments with our built-in system, or premium users can add their own merchant account to integrate with World Pay, Sage Pay, or Stripe.

Bookers can take control by updating and amending their plans within your parameters. Let payers find more suitable dates to settle their bills and offering greater or fewer installment options. Expired cards, unsuccessful payments and debt all send automated notifications to the booker, so they can resolve the issue without your manual intervention.

Wave Goodbye to Manual Bookkeeping

Forget about manually managing your bookkeeping; receipts are automatically reconciled to parents’ accounts. Offer bite-sized payments through a scheduled plan set up in advance and let the system settle invoices and installment arrangements.

Paritor Live Portal

Offer pupils, parents, and teachers an up-to-date view of their service from a secure online location.

Different Views

Xperios offers three portals: school, teacher, and pupil view, each with tools tailored to their specific needs. From Xperios you can oversee applications to events, exams, auditions, and more that have been completed in the portals. Here’s a demo parent portal, so you can see how easy it is to use.

Instant updates

All views include scheduling and calendar layouts which update automatically when changes are made. Teachers can easily reschedule sessions by dragging a timetable item. Pupils and parents that check their timetables will see instant updates. Not sure if they’ll check their timetable? Don’t worry, they can also be automatically notified.

Access to Personal Data

There’s no need to cancel an application because the information wasn’t quite right. Or perhaps some card details for payments need updating. The Portal lets users update their information at a time that suits them with no need to contact their service.


All portal users have full access to their Activity History, Finance History, and Message History. All actions made through the portal are logged and recorded in the history logs. This way users can oversee what changes have been made and when, and what actions need attention.

Make Complex Itineraries Simple

Avoid scheduling clashes, use our confusion-free calendar to plan classes and holidays with multiple teachers and locations.

Start with Term Dates

We construct schedules for you using your inputted term dates to prevent double bookings in your busy weekly plans. You set the dates, we stop the conflicts, making for a clean agenda.

Plan Inset Days and Bank Holidays

Our scheduling feature is designed to anticipate potential planning mishaps. Easily mark school inset days and national bank holidays to swiftly structure a calendar, if they affect your tuition service. Adjustments to the schedule will automatically skip these days so that plans go forward without having to reschedule.

Automated Updates

Changes made to plans that go unannounced are a standard customer frustration. Prevent this dilemma by rearranging your schedule and announcing adjustments. Timetable complexities such as changes to times, dates, rooms, or teachers can be easily shared with affected teachers, students and venues. Credits are assigned automatically for the under-delivery of lessons.

Attract High Achievers

Record attendance on the app, on any device whether you’re online or offline.

No Internet, No Problem

The app works without the need for the internet, and any offline changes are synced as soon as you find an internet connection. New data downloads when the internet becomes available.

Man using mobile phone to enter a register into music school software Xperios
Pre Payment

With our new financial attendance feature, starting students only appear on registers once payments are settled if you choose this option in your settings. Payers must do so upfront or reconcile a payment agreement to proceed with attending classes. Xperios stops students who don’t pay fees from slipping through the net.

Setting Standards

Set students up for a win by assigning achievable targets and working grades based off skills showcased in classes. Teachers can record lesson notes to aid in the allocation of working grades. Attendance, lesson notes, and working grades are shared through the portal to increase student engagement and provide evidence to explain results.

Keep Data Secure

We ensure that your data is stored securely to measure up to data protection regulations.

Update data easily

Personal records for teachers, students, parents, schools, and centres are categorised so you can manage the numbers as they grow. Keeping in sync with your contacts as they change is easy with Xperios. Using their portal, contacts can control their own information by logging in. Ensuring you always have correct addresses, medical information, and school records.

A laptop with Xperios Tuition management software open, and a smartphone with a parent portal open
Master GDPR and DBS

Data defines us. Paritor treats it with the respect it deserves. Our Contacts feature uses automated compliance for data protection and GDPR. All data is anonymised and deleted within user-defined settings.

Some reminders aren’t fit for planners. Xperios lets you know when someone’s data needs a look over, ensuring that odd ends like up-to-date DBS certificates never go amiss.

Crafting Your Interactions

Build relationships with professional communications using your own design and save time by automating messages.

Communications module of Xperios with email open.
Clear Timeline

Communications via text or email, sent individually or to a group, Xperios keeps track of it all for you – even whether emails are opened.

Save time with technology

Save time by automatically updating teachers, schools, parents, and pupils; all changes to schedules are shared straightaway. A knowledge base of FAQs feeds an AI assistant for your customers to chat with, bypassing those all too frequent emails to you.

A Grade Above the Rest

We believe in progression. Oversee exams applications to certifications. Regulate bookings, payments, scheduling, and activities under the Exam Sessions tab.

Organise your exams with Xperios software, image of the software on screen
Finding and Booking Exams

Our software produces custom public catalogues to showcase your upcoming exams. We provide an array of booking form options for flexibility and adaptability. Highlight to bookers the skill suitability, minimum entry-level, and exam pass requirements. Email applicants en masse using our speedy toggle and tick box tools. Our Contacts record and applicant status tracker help you to oversee progress.

Scheduling and Paying for Exams

Avoid clashes and conflicts by allowing applicants to choose a time within a range of available options. Our exams checkout page is easy to use for secure payments. Schedule payment dates and take card details with confidence. Refer to your Finance tab to track due and over-due charges. Xperios automatically pursues all unpaid fees.

Setup Events with Ease

Manage, promote, and record all events in one place, inspecify capacity, guest requirements, and attendees then let Xperios do the rest!

Event Delegates List and Payment Schedule on a screen with two men reading it
Getting your event started

Choose what you want to include in your booking journey, to make sure all attendees are suitable for the event and well catered for. Our newly designed interface gives your guests an easy to use portal to apply, register their details and make payments. It gives you lightning-fast access to the data attendees have input and a clean responsive software to easily navigate.

Confirming your guest list

Bookers and attendees that proceed to the waiting list are easy for you to confirm if you have a place available. Event places can be held with a deposit. Receipts are logged at your convenience. When you alter their status they’ll receive an automatic email update or notification. Track your Event’s growth through graphs and reports formulated by the system.

Repeat successful events easily with logged data and details.

Showcase Student Potential

Taking the stress out of the spotlight.

Communicate with Applicants

It’s not just audition scheduling software, advertise auditions expertly with a comprehensive activities prospectus. Engage with the ideal applicant by providing audition instructions and clear expectations. Xperios transfers all your data into an applause-worthy user-friendly catalogue.

Custom-build audition application forms to attract the right candidates. Xperios helps you track each applicants journey with statuses. Establish and record applicants vital skills, range, and assets easily.

Record results, send offers and transfer successful applicants to a Group. Transfer, withdraw, or bulk email your applicants to relay the latest updates. Let the system arrange all contacts in to one accessible record for you. Keep track of talents and oversee the appropriateness of applicants for every role.

Broadway Performer
Effortless Administration

Assign all contacts an account for reapplying or applying to multiple auditions at any given time. Applicants and parents can use their login to access any information related to the application process from start to finish.

Xperios uses our secure payment provider, applicants can checkout using the online application portal. Leave it up to the system to log, track, and chase finances automatically using the contact details provided by each applicant.

Gather Together, Learn Together

The tools for organising performances, rehearsals, payments, and communications are congregated in one place.


Create groups from drop-down menus, set joining criteria, define fees and any discounts or bursaries available. Adding single or multiple members to a group is made simple using speedy search and filter tools. Use online applications and bookings to keep your admin to a minimum.

The latest technology effortlessly creates schedules and manages the activities of each group’s rehearsals and performances. Tutors can record and update the attendance of all group members on any device with or without the internet.

A room full of people in a lesson provided by a tuition service, view of the back of their heads
Stay Organised

Communicate directly with all members or select sub-sections, for example, just the violins in an orchestra. Parents, students, and tutors can access communications via the portal at any time. Say farewell to fishing out old email chains.

Withdraw members and record reasons, choose if you’re going to reduce an invoice and cancel or reduce any future payments. Add new members and choose the amount to increase their invoice by. This automatically reflects in future payments.

Easy Resource Management

Whatever resources your students borrow or rent from you, make managing them simple with Xperios.

Set Your Terms

Produce hire agreements to ensure everyone using the resources understand the arrangement. Users must acknowledge the terms before borrowing or renting anything from you.

Keeping Track

Always know where your stock is; what’s due for return, overdue, or up for repair. Record hires, loans, and monitor the disposal and loss of instruments. Generate reports and keep track of everything easily.

Financial Reminders

Automatic invoices and reminders are prepared by Xperios. Payments are taken through a secure system. Monies owed for both resources and tuition are consolidated into one straightforward statement.

A young man playing the guiter in his bedroom learning from home

Putting Every Penny in Place

Feel secure about your financial future by improving payment control and reporting.

Instant Updates

Automatic invoices are generated when a student is offered a place and amendments are made based on lesson delivery. There’s no need to update manually, Xperios balances the books for you.

Simplify Payments

Teaching only starts once the payments have been arranged, preventing late or non-payments. Running after unpaid charges can leave you feeling out of breath. Xperios automatically manages monetary complications, such as expired cards and bounced payments whilst giving payers plenty of opportunities to make up missed payments. 

Parents can command their own payment schedules with the freedom to interchange payment dates and vary the number of instalments (within the parameters you set). Give generous financial flexibility to payers within reasonable limits to keep them happy.

Forecast Finances

Predict finances using easily generated reports and forecast future income and expenditure. Produce handy data which can be effortlessly linked to accounting packages. 

Read more about key tuition payment software features.

A man using Xperios tuition administration software on a laptop

Pay for a Service Well Provided

Track and measure your teaching hours to keep lessons moving and staff satisfied.

Document Teaching Delivery

Manage pay for salaried, hourly paid, and self-employed staff by recording and overseeing the delivery of lessons, rehearsals, and performances. Ensure that regular teaching is rewarded accordingly and that staff operate effectively.

Trace non-delivery of lessons and additional teaching services. Follow any missed teaching due to PPA, CPD, and further allowances.

Calculate Contract Compliance

Quantify hourly-paid teachers’ wages based on delivery by measuring the number of contract hours agreed to against the number of contract hours committed to. Deftly determine contract fulfilment by measuring the number of recorded teaching hours.

teacher talking to a student - tuition service
Precise Payroll

Export data to the payroll system easily Produce any self-employed teacher’s attended hours and pay rate to reconcile against invoicing. Avoid complications by uploading the correct hours straight into the system.

Encapsulating Performance

Illustrate your performance with concise reports and identify opportunities to improve your service.

Keep Everyone Updated

Reduce your own admin time by giving stakeholders access to customisable digitized reports. File and manage reports in a compact and sharable format. If your stakeholders would prefer, they can be emailed the information with a few clicks.

Instantly inform pupils (or parents) on progression and improvement rates. Show off the effect of your expert services with charts and graphs to improve student retention rates.

Help and Support

We’re are here to help when needed, we’ve also packed our software out with all the information you need to run Xperios like an expert.

Xperios comes with an extensive user guide, a collection of training videos as part of the Paritor Academy, and a Knowledge Base. It’s not just about our support for you, Xperios also has built-in customer support functions for you to best support your customers.


Track and monitor the support tickets from your customers, as well as the tickets raised by your service for the Paritor team. Our easy-to-use dashboard makes it easy to monitor your tickets, much easier than an endless inbox! So you can offer speedy support – and we can too.

Service dashboard

A clear visual dashboard helps you to oversee the success of your support service. Divide support issues into topics, record user ratings, and determine what are the biggest support issues within your service, so you can tackle them.

Stay Social

The Paritor News tab can be opened anywhere within your software from the left-hand side of the Xperios display. We’ve made connectivity and community networking easier than ever by interconnecting the latest news and social updates direct into your display.

Additional Features and Virtual Learning

Our software is packed with more clever tools than we can categorise. We’ve listed some of our rogue but highly important and handy features as well as our new virtual learning functionality in a little more detail.

Import your data in advance…

There is no need to re-type an entire database to have Xperios operating as it should. Simply import your old data into your new Xperios system and avoid wasting hours re-inputting important information. We will help you to securely transfer everything over and set up your Xperios software to suit your service’s needs.

Comfortably control your user access*…

Set up system users with an access level suitable to their skill level and necessary for them to fulfil their role to the best of their ability. Control user Task Lists and assign module licenses to the users that need set functionalities.

Hello, bonjour, ciao, or guten tag?

Xperios is proudly available in a range of languages. We currently support English, Spanish, Castilian, French, German, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Flemish, Finnish, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, and Welsh. Set your language and culture to set up Xperios to your native or speaking language. You can also set your time zones and calendar to suit your selection.

Shareable digital resource library…

As well as Paritor’s digital resource library of the materials we share with our users, Xperios offers a resource library for software users to share their resources within their organisation or community. Upload materials to your virtual library and make them accessible to set audiences whether pupil groups, teaching staff, or administrators.

Built-in virtual conferencing*…

Xperios comes with everything included to run all aspects of your service, no matter the scale or speciality. Host classes and lessons using the Paritor virtual conferencing tool and keep your digital platforms streamlined and straightforward for users by having all operations and functionality accessible through the Paritor system. Why implement several passwords and logins for your team and customers when you can have one streamlined multi-operational solution?


*only available to Xperios Premium users.

Need to know more technical information? Here are the facts:

“Paritor’s work with music services means that they understand how we work better than anyone else. What used to take weeks, now takes approx half an hour”

Barnet Education Arts Trust