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Meet the Paritor team

Simon Dutton

Founder and Chief Architect

Pete Stickland

Support Manager

Paul Brown

Senior Developer

David Hurst

Azure Infrastructure Manager

Matthew Batten

Graduate Developer

Becky Cockman

Marketing Manager

Sharim Atilano-Camacho

Product Manager

Jade Tyrer

Junior Developer

Danielle Dutton

Product Resource Manager

Ed Blacker

Software Developer (Freelance)
The story of Paritor

25Years of Industry Experience

with over

satisfied UK music services 90

In the 1990’s, Paritor’s founder, Simon Dutton, was approached to find a solution for managing the day-to-day running of a Music Service. Using his expertise in producing accounting and administration software he created Ensemble.

Since then Paritor, led by Simon, has focused on building close relationships with providers of tuition in the performing arts sector and creating software solutions that help them run their businesses more effectively.

Over the last 30 years, the world of software has seen a number of developments. Paritor has always made use of the newest technologies, enabling software to become increasingly manoeuvrable whilst expanding a user base that includes a wider range of stakeholders across service providers. This has allowed our customers to become more efficient and deliver ongoing growth to the service they supply.

Today Paritor remains focused on working shoulder to shoulder with its customers. Our experience in software development has turned the Ensemble product into Xperios: an advancement moulded from our customers ever evolving needs.

We continue to adopt the latest and best technologies and employ the brightest minds to ensure an on-going range of market-leading products that help an array of education sectors offer a superior service.