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Which version of Paritor Xperios is right for you?

Little boy having piano lesson
  • Perfect for private tutors and small tuition services
  • Add, update, monitor, and communicate with up to 50 pupils.
  • Use our easy-to-setup & secure payment system, Schooble Pay, to manage payments
Popular Choice
Young violinist practicing with orchestra band.
per admin/month
  • Ideal for medium-sized tuition providers with multiple admins and large pupil numbers
  • Unlimited* data usage
  • Add an unlimited number of contacts!
  • Access a variety of tools and features for a small monthly fee.
  • Access to in-built support ticket system
per admin/month
  • Amplify your tuition services with the entire Xperios suite at your fingertips.
  • Integrate your own payments, with Stripe, SagePay or WorldPay
  • Integrate your own Payment Provider into Xperios*
  • Support additional software and communication languages
  • Full premium support/consultation

Community offers the freedom for everyone to enhance their connection with education and witness an improved learning experience without the additional cost!

With 50 pupils for free, you can begin your Xperios journey with absolutely zero licensing costs.

Premium is a cost-effective and powerful administration package intended for smaller performing arts organisations that require more data than our Community edition can offer.

Manage and run a small organisation that delivers premium customer service and exceeds expectations.

Everything Xperios has to offer! Our Enterprise version is built to support the crafting of exceptional learning opportunities for pupils whilst streamlining processes for your teams.

This edition includes our most popular modules amongst larger organisations, such as studies, school billing and teacher pay.