Data Hosting and Compliance

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Data Hosting and Compliance

Paritor’s Data Hosting and NCSC Compliance Report


Data Hosting FAQ

Where does Paritor host its data?
All UK data is hosted within Microsoft Azure’s UK datacentres, and will be maintained to comply with any ongoing UK regulatory procedures.
When are backups taken?
Paritor take backups of all customers databases – which are encrypted at rest. Paritor hold up to 7 days of backup as standard with longer backup periods available upon request.
How can I keep my data GDPR compliant?
Built-in tools, such as our Data Retention AI and anonymisation tool, ensure that your data is always fully GDPR compliant.
Can I control who has access to the system?
Admin managed user rights and named user logins allow you to control which users have access to your data, and what type of access (read/write) they have.
Are the datacentres compliant?
Data is stored securely using Microsoft Azure, conforming to the most advanced cybersecurity regulations, such as ISO 27001.
Are my customer's payments protected?
Our payment services are fully PCI-compliant, with ongoing external security and penetration tests, to give your customers confidence when paying online.
Can we integrate Xperios with our bespoke BI/Analytics/Reporting system?
Our functional API gives you the freedom to integrate your data into pre-existing systems, and software specific to your business needs.
Why Paritor?
We are the leading UK provider for tuition administration software. Not only that, we are a Microsoft Silver partner, and are recognised as experts in delivering quality, specialised business solutions.