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Xperios Community


Xperios Standard

£19*per user/month

Xperios Premium

£39*per user/month

Data Usage Limited Full Full
Add, update, monitor & communicate with Pupils Up to 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Use our easy-to-setup & secure payment system, Schooble Pay, to manage payments
Use your own Stripe, SagePay or WorldPay accounts to manage payments
Integrate your own Payment Provider into Xperios (additional fees may apply)
Support additional software and communication languages
Available Support Library of Online Resources Community Support & use of Paritor Help Access to phone Support for direct assistance

*Subject to annual commitment. Monthly licenses available at a higher cost.

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# Community Standard Premium
Store your contact data such as pupils, parents, teachers, schools, and centres in line with data protection regulations. Limited to 50 pupils Unlimited Unlimited
Automated GDPR tool manages data in compliance with data regulations.
Associate your contacts with any number of organisations, such as schools.
Define different categories for your schools, to use when creating school records.
Define the types of school stored within your contacts.
Assign contacts multiple roles: debtor, pupil, teacher, user, and repairer.
Set up business types for allocating to your school or centre contacts.
Quickly search and filter contacts using the search bar and filter tool.
On locating a contact you can access their details, including roles, personal information, pupil details, consent details, and debtor and booker details, and changed or finished event details.
On locating a contact you can access their evidence of expertise/ skill level.
On locating a contact you can access their financials, including fee details, invoices, debtor details, related transactions, payment schedule, and card transactions.
On locating a pupil you can access their pupil details, event changes, debtor and booker information.
Allow contacts to manage their data such as contact details, medical information, and school records, by logging in online.
Option to select multiple contacts on a list to contact in bulk.
Option to extract contact data for use in Excel or other software.
One click withdrawal of contacts from their assigned tuition.
Define your local authorities, to use when setting up contacts.
Define the wards or segments within your local authorities.

# Community Standard Premium
Write emails using Xperios and the Live portal.
Send text messages to multiple contacts at once.
Attach documents and files to emails, such as word documents, pdf's, images and videos.
Design and construct email templates for general or later use.
Use standard email templates to generate new emails from.
Automate update emails and emails that request an action from the customer.
Write manual emails for more unique topics, to send to individual contacts, or a group of contacts.
Create marketing lists to direct and channel your communications to the correct audiences.
Create customer personas to determine audience groups for tailored marketing content.
Create campaigns for marketing and improved communications across other platforms.
Manage emails for studies, events, auditions, exam sessions, groups, resources, and more.
Track communications with customers using an automatic communications log.
Use an AI powered assistant to provide a faster service for your customers.
Create a list of issue areas to document problems and tackle them.
Define the severity of an issue to gauge the urgency of the issue.
Create issue classifications to gauge the type of issue and who might best resolve it, helping top further define your issue types.
Create issue teams by selecting who deals with different issues to best target issues with the correct expertise.
Record the number of issue tickets raised with your customers to manage queries effectively.
Add resource items to a resource library to share amongst specific contact groups, such as training videos, learning material, etc
Add and create QnA documents to assist your customers with their queries.

# Community Standard Premium
Create an activities catalogue of the services you offer such as tuition, events, auditions etc, so that customers can easily browse through what's available.
Contacts can book onto activities via the Xperios Live Portal.
Create activity categories for organising the types of activities your service offers, such as buy when they take place.
Define the appropriate audience for your activities by creating activity levels, that are defined by the audiences age, or skill level.
Further categorise the types of activities you offer by producing activity types.
Set up consent questions for online booking forms.
Create learning duration options to be used in online booking forms when ascertaining how long a pupil has been learning a subject for.
Create a list of disabilities for online booking form options, allowing you to help with personalised learning, and collect data.
Create a list of ethnic groups and/or gender types for your online booking options, allowing you to collect data.
Create a list of interest sources for online booking options, allowing you to collect data about where customers are finding out about your organisation, and your courses.
Create customisable booking forms, tailored to gather the information your service requires of applicants.
Customise the look of your booking forms to suit your service brand and aesthetic.
Add your organisations logos to your booking portal.
Add text to your booking portal header and footer.
Add personalised privacy, medical, and GDPR text to your booking portal.
Generate your own form completion and checkout text.
Manage applicant waiting lists with an optional twotiered system (where application approval is required from designated teaching staff).
Choose between a direct booking and a waiting application (waiting applicants can be approved at a later date).
Progress applicants from waiting lists for a service they have booked onto.
Contact applicants who have booked onto tuition to keep them informed of their application progress.
Offer secure payment processing for bookings via an accessible portal.
Offer parents and pupils a personal portal view of their booking information and status.
Connect your own payment provider

# Community Standard Premium
Set up your different teacher faculties for use when creating teacher contact records.
Offer teachers a personal portal view to see and edit schedules, take attendance, make class notes, and more
Define the types of teacher contract your organisation offers.
Create teacher pay scales to define how much a teacher is being paid.

# Community Standard Premium
Manage all waiting lists for tuition applicants from one simple layout.
Define the tuition services you offer, such as the age range you teach, and the education system you use.
Create records within the system of the subjects you offer to define the available teaching.
Create records for the different genres that you teach, such as jazz, classical etc for music.
Define the tuition information that you collect.
Set up your academic years so that the system can efficiently schedule your services.
Create leave reasons to log common reasons for pupils leaving.
Create activity groups for your activities, helping you group together your activities.
Set up the reasons that an activity might be cancelled, so that you can easily record why activities haven't taken place.
Create service types to define the settings for each of your services, such as events, exams etc.
Set up register keys for quickly determining attendance and decide if the lesson is charged.
Use the task results tool to determine whether a lesson was successfully delivered and covered all requirements, and whether the teacher should be paid.

# Community Standard Premium
Set up pupil Studies within your system.
Create compulsory and optional study items (modules, lessons, etc.) within a study.
Create personal study offers for each applicant, that can be accepted rejected, or have changes requested.
Transfer pupils between different Studies.
Progress pupils onto the next study.
Send emails to multiple students within a study list.

# Community Standard Premium
Detail your exams within the system and your online activities catalogue.
Define assessments and the necessary skills for each assessment, by creating progress levels.
Customise your online activity catalogue to appropriately illustrate the nature of the exam offered by your service.
Customise your exams booking forms to suit the information your service requires of exam attendees.
Customise questions throughout the booking process.
Include the exam boards that you use, and the grades they offer.
Link your exams to their appropriate exam boards.
Add additional questions relevant to the exam booking.
Request additional information from exam applicants.
Request a subject and grades from applicants to assess their suitability for the exam they are applying for.
Request available and unavailable time slots from applicants.
Use the applicant status such as awaiting approval, accepted, rejected etc to determine an applications progression.
View exam statistics to determine the success of pupils who underwent the exam
Bulk email exam candidates.

# Community Standard Premium
Detail your auditions within the system and your online activities catalogue.
Set up the time slots within which auditions take place.
Oversee available and advertised auditions in your activities catalogue.
Define the instruments or parts to be performed in an audition using your audition items.
Customise your audition booking forms to suit the information required for that booking.
Request evidence of skill level from audition applicants to ensure their suitability.
View applicants evidence of skill level.
Add successful applicants to groups or studies.
Transfer, withdraw, and bulk email applicants to update them on their application progress.

# Community Standard Premium
Detail your events within the system and your online activities catalogue.
Give customers the ability to book individually, as a group, or from a list of bookers.
Set up events that require teacher approval for each attendee.
Determine how regularly your events occur within the system.
Customise your event booking process.
Customise event application forms to suit the information your service will require.
Optional request of skill level evidence for specific events.
Define whether there are available event extras on offer to applicants, such as tickets to a performance or transport to the event etc.
Determine the maximum number of people able to attend each of your events.
Decide what happens when an event reaches maximum capacity, either add applicants to the waiting list, or close the booking.
Set the minimum number of people needed to make an event viable by deciding upon an event threshold.
Monitor event attendee lists and waiting lists.
Transfer multiple pupils between events.
Easily contact those who have booked onto an event
View event statistics to determine the success of an event for future purposes.

# Community Standard Premium
Set up groups within your system to easily manage choirs and orchestras etc.
Add one or several members to a group at once, from the waiting list, or transferred from an audition.
One click withdrawal of members from a group.
Select when applicants can join, i.e. as soon as they apply, or from the next academic term or half term.
Create group schedules and assign group activities.
Define fees and available discounts for group members.
Apply a group enrolment fee.
Log the hire or sale of resources to groups.
Reduce or increase invoices as well as cancel invoices for group members.
Communicate with group members or group subsections via email.
Record group alumni.

# Community Standard Premium
Record what happens to a resource, such as it being hired, in repair etc.
Create resource categories to categorise the resources on offer.
Create resource groups within your resource categories.
Create resource locations to track the location of your resources.
Record the history of resource hire for each item.
Record a history of resource repairs for each item.
Add resource barcodes to track and manage your resources more easily.
Manage resource waiting lists for popular resources.
Produce hire agreements to share with those who hire resources from you.
Set-up automatic invoices and reminders for payers to ensure hire payments come through.

# Community Standard Premium
Set up the charges for different activities.
Set up and alter payment schedules through the system.
Pause payment schedules at the click of a button.
Send automated emails to customers in relation to their to payment schedules.
Set up automated refunds.
Set up automatic invoicing.
Create credits on invoices.
Post receipts to an invoice.
Add in your VAT codes.
Create remissions as a way of reducing invoices.
Create ledger codes for the finacial tracking of departments within your organisation.
Create discount codes that can be used by booker or yourself on an invoice.
Set up the bursaries that you offer as an organisation.
Set up and define any sibling discounts you offer.
Decide how discounts and bursaries are applied to invoices.
Set up a limit for writing off invoices.
Authorise credits and refunds. Set tasks for system users to complete authorisations.
Manage failed card payments and expired cards by sending automated emails to the contacts in question.
Manage all invoices using one simple layout.
Change the status of invoices if it is in dispute, or review.

# Community Standard Premium
Create a customisable dashboard to track your organisation's performance.
Edit your dashboard to show only key performance information.
Use the refresh button to see only the most up-todate reports on your dashboard.
Use pre-defined filters called query cards to find popular data searches.
Set up your own query cards and easily fulfil your most popular data searches.
Filter and search for specific data using the filter and tags search bars.
Define your departments to produce reports on each departments performance.
Easily extract data and analyse in Excel.
Access personal API keys to create impressive and easily refreshable data visualisations outside of Xperios.

# Community Standard Premium
Schooble Pay is ready to use 'out of the box'. No technical team or integration is required.
There are no monthly or hidden fees; just a simple Pay-as-you-go pricing structure.
A small transaction fee of 2.4% + 20p for European Cards & 3.9% + 20p for Non-European cards is applied at checkout.

# Community Standard Premium
View all of Paritor’s online training resources to refresh your knowledge on system functionality
Upload your own resources to a digital library which can be shared amongst select contacts.
Use built-in virtual conferencing for distanced learning.
Use the built-in Paritor help and support to tackle issues and queries regarding Xperios.
Access to call support for direct assistance.

# Community Standard Premium
View all activities in a diary view via the portal, available for teachers pupils, schools, and centres.
Live portal accounts for teachers, pupils, bookers for easy future bookings.
Offer a secure payment provider for all booking payments.
Allow debtors to alter their payment schedule via the portal, within set payment windows.

# Community Standard Premium
Import any data you have before you start using the software.
Choose from multiple language options and set the culture of your system.
Set up user groups to provide different users with different system access levels