Music Services

Music Service Management Software

Fast and efficient features built for a modern music service

Enhance your approaches to working using cutting-edge technology and seamless interfaces for superior navigation. Paritor Xperios can save you valuable time and improve the experience of everyone involved with your music service: managers, administrators, teachers, parents, and pupils.

We make it easy for everyone to feel involved with your music service by providing all with easy access to the information they need.

Work securely from anywhere. Speed up your

administration and save time on everyday tasks

Built to support remote working in a secure environment.
Save hours on finance processes using our streamlined approaches that present a clear picture for administration staff, schools, and parents.
Improve data accuracy and take control of your contacts with online forms and automated processes that ensure you comply with GDPR and data policies.
Easily manage your schedules and keep teachers, schools, and parents informed of any changes immediately, automatically, and en masse.
Take control of your resources, events, tuition, exams and more with bespoke functionality built for your needs.
Report on student progression and your service performance with insightful reports and analysis.

Conduct virtual lessons in a secure environment, with

tools built specifically for teaching

Packed with features to enable effective and secure remote teaching
Access pupil records and schedules, receive schedule changes
Update registers and timesheets, both online and offline
Allow teachers to sync changes to timetables and attendance, ensuring all stakeholders have data that is up to date
Easily report on pupil progress and access

Attend virtual lessons with confidence. Access and update

information from any of your own devices

Access online lessons in a safe and secure manner - with teacher moderation and reviews easily available online
Register students and keep contact details up to date
View opportunities, apply for and book activities
View a students latest timetables and activities
View a detailed breakdown of charges and payment schedules
Pay through a choice of secure gateways, set up scheduled and recurring payments
Receive and view updates and messages, respond to communications

Manage music tuition provision and access


Book tuition and request changes
Recieve automatic confirmations
Always have access to the latest timetables and pupil attendance records
Easily make payments and view a history of financial statements

Xperios takes care of repetitive admin, leaving you more time for everything else