Take control of your administrative tasks and give stakeholders easy access to the information they need.

Easily maintain detailed records of teachers, pupils, schools, centres and groups in one secure system
Plan tuition across multiple venues with detailed timetables for both teachers and pupils. Share and update with ease
Financial Control
Automatically generate invoices and reminders, taking into account sibling discounts, remissions, pupil premiums and other factors
Easy Payments
Make it simple for customers with a choice of online payment options, and give them the flexibility to pay with instalment plans
Extract and analyse information easily by using interactive dashboards, customisable reports and the ability to extract data via our API
Reliable Communications
Send emails and texts using our reputable domain. Communicate directly with schools, teachers, parents and pupils, retaining a log of all emails and texts


Take control of your instruments, tech, sheet music and other assets.

Track Assets
Maintain a record of your asset hires, loans and repairs. Log the disposal of instruments and whether they were lost, stolen or written off
Stock Control
Know which instruments are due, overdue or at repair. Generate reports and understand how your resources are being utilised
Automatically generate invoices and reminders. Take payments using a choice of online options
Scan Tool
Simplify the tracking and recording process of your instruments, with an easy-to-use scanning app for any smart device
Produce hire agreements to ensure all users of instruments agree to your services terms and conditions


Manage the group membership, such as choirs, bands and ensembles, within your service.

Effortlessly organise your group schedules – tutors, pupils, rehearsals, performances and tours
Easily produce member lists and send out relevant communications to them
Membership Management
Manage and keep track of group membership, their fees, communications and attendances
Automatically generate invoices and reminders, take payment using a choice of online options


Promote and manage your events, workshops and tours with ease.

Manage Applications
Create event-specific details such as the venue, dates and entry criteria. Manage numbers, waiting lists and application evidence
Easy Booking
Enable parents to research, apply for and book events online using our secure, customisable online booking system
Keep everyone informed with customisable and automated email templates
Take payments online upfront or schedule payments through one of our secure gateways


Our Exam module helps you set up and manage your whole exam process, from start to finish.

Keep control of your exams schedule, accompanists, venues, payments and time-slots.
Simple online booking enables parents to book their children’s exams and request accompanists
Take payment upfront, online through one of our secure gateways
Upload exam results en masse, saving hours, and provide a secure portal where results can be viewed.


Appraise saves time, eliminates mistakes, improves report consistency and ultimately ensures that parents are receiving high quality, personalised information from their child’s teacher.

Access current pupil information, and use relevant report formats to easily provide high quality, personalised feedback on how a child is progressing
Let parents manage the information they receive and provide feedback on their desires for future learning
Reporting Structure
Set up report formats and structures for teachers to ensure consistency and relevance of feedback.
Manage and Track
Manage, review and monitor reports to ensure the quality of content and timeliness of input. Track and report on the progress of pupils


Rapport helps you build a stronger relationship with your customers. It makes your team’s life easier with clever functions like an AI-powered assistant and a rich comment bank creating seamless effective communications.

Effective Support
AI-powered assistant reduces the load by providing quick and effective responses to generalised user questions
Save Time
Build up multiple contact lists, with the option to attach user personas. Send relevant communications to the groups of your choice
Improve Service
Measure and track your support and communications, to provide insight and areas for improvement
Manage and Track
Manage, review and monitor reports to ensure the quality of content and timeliness of input. Track and report on the progress of pupils


A single tool to manage your entire application and audition process, simplifying it for administrators, parents, students, panel members and accompanists.

Save time on administration
Simple to schedule auditions, intelligently assign accompanists and timetable panellists. Communicate simply with parents and applicants with built-in functionality. Automatically send out acceptance or rejections based on panels feedback.
Secure online application and payments
Use customisable forms to allow parents and students to apply for auditions online, make payments through one of our secure gateways, and check the progress of their applications.
Synchronise feedback
Be fully prepared by reviewing applications in advance of auditions. Provide feedback, synchronising and speeding the process.