Ensemble Training

At Paritor we are committed to providing our customers with all the support they need to manage their tuition. For us, this isn't just about software.
It's about training, consultancy, data hosting, remote working solutions, customisable solutions and much more. Find out what a partnership with Paritor has to offer below.


In house training and consultancy

We regularly visit clients across the country to deliver on-site training. This is a great way for us to look at how you're currently using Ensemble and create a tailored training programme to help you expand on this. By using our highly unique knowledge of tuition management we can also share our insights on best practice.

Our in-house training programmes are built around the specific needs of your team. We’ll talk to you about your training goals, we’ll take a critical look at your use of the system and we’ll also share our unique insights on best practice to help take you further.