Managing your Tuition Service

Ensemble Features

Ensemble enables organisations to maintain comprehensive details of all your teachers and pupils, so you know which lessons they are in and when. Schedule all the tuition across multiple venues with detailed timetables for pupils, outlining lessons and ensembles. Oversee each pupil’s activities, review tuition, monitor progress and communicate with teachers and parents directly through Ensemble. The software can also help you to analyse your organisation through the detailed reporting tool.


Enable your teachers to stay connected with our remote apps replacing the need for paper. Your staff can complete registers, timesheets, and keep track of delivery, streamlining their work flow.

  • Enable teachers to view their timetables online
  • Provide them with access to lesson registers using our cross platform apps, which directly sync to the system when connected to Wi-Fi
  • Teachers can record delivery and non-delivery of their lessons online.


Keep parents informed via their own online account, where they can keep up-to-date with their child’s’ progress as well as track their fees.

  • Grant parent’s access to an online portal where they can view and manage their accounts
  • Enable parents to effortlessly check pupil timetables and attendance
  • Offer parents the opportunity to book their children onto events, courses, and waiting lists online.

Ensemble makes the financial management of your music service more straightforward and accurate.
Ensemble can invoice schools, parents and organisations, taking into account sibling discounts, remissions, pupil premiums and other factors. Invoices can be sent to customers directly from Ensemble, and reminder letters can be generated automatically.

  • Keep detailed records to manage outstanding debt. Each payee has their own account showing both current and historical transactions together with a breakdown of any monies owed
  • Invoices are automatically created based on pupil's tuition, memberships, instrument hire and subscriptions
  • Easily record payments against invoices
  • Define discounts, remissions and subsidies for multiple activities, sibling discount or other factors
  • Produce reports of outstanding payments automatically generate account reminder letters when payment is due.

Using Ensemble makes keeping control of your instruments and other valuable resources effortless. From audio equipment to brass instruments, you can have peace of mind that your records are up to date. Ensemble ensures you always have a detailed record of stock, and a clear picture of hires, loans and repairs.

  • Instruments can be hired and loaned to; teachers, pupils, schools, ensembles and venues
  • Record and report all details of any repairs made to an instrument including dates and costs
  • Log the disposal of instruments and whether they were lost, stolen or written off
  • Monitor your stock through detailed reporting of information such as: where the stock is kept at any one time, which instruments are due to be returned and which are overdue
  • Produce hire agreements to ensure all users of instruments agree to your terms and conditions.

Manage your group's membership whether it be choirs, ensembles or orchestras. Schedule regular rehearsals as well as performances and tours. Keep track of all your members, their fees, communications and attendances.

  • Define the activities the groups undertake, the teachers involved, the time spent and other details
  • Maintain a list of current and past members for each group and use this information to easily produce member lists or send out communications using the correspondence facility
  • Enable teachers to keep a track of attendance using our apps, for rehearsals and performances.

We offer three online payments solutions allowing you to select the best one for your needs.

  1. Seamless connection to Stripe card processing. This does not require you to have a card merchant account.
  2. Connection to SagePay (which requires a SagePay merchant account).
  3. Connection to WorldPay (which requires a Worldpay merchant account).
See below for further information on each.

Stripe Card Processing

This is the simplest and most cost-effective payment system. You can create a Stripe account in a matter of minutes and we will then process all your clients card payments on your behalf. This method allows us to take both one-off payments and to set up payment schedules, allowing you to spread your fees over several months, safe in the knowledge that you will be automatically receiving instalments as they become due.

Stripe Fees
European Cards – 3.4% + 20p per transaction
Non-European Cards – 3.9% + 20p per transaction
SagePay or WorldPay

We provide built-in connectors to SagePay and WorldPay so that you can connect Ensemble to your own merchant accounts and allow your clients to pay their invoices online.

SagePay or WorldPay Fees
£1,600 per annum

Ensemble includes a set of powerful reporting and analysis tools called Insight. Insight allows you to analyse your data in a variety of ways, summarise it and design reports and plot graphs based on your findings.

With Insight you can:
  • Extract data on your teachers, pupils, payees etc
  • Filter, group, sort & summarise your data
  • Use the chart wizard to easily produce graphs from your data
  • Create your own report using the powerful Report Designer or take any existing report and create your own customised version
  • Export to an external tool such as Excel or Word where you can create letters, labels and reports.