Managing your Pupil Reports

Appraise is an easy-to-use online reporting tool. Organisations can save time, eliminate mistakes, improve report consistency and ultimately ensure that parents are receiving high quality, personalised information from their child’s teacher.


Parents can manage the information they receive from the teacher through the online portal by using our online reporting tool and to view their child’s progress. Once a report is received by the parent, the pupil can also use the tool to produce a self-assessment, highlighting what they believe to be their strengths and weaknesses and show their tutor what their desires are for future learning.


Using Appraise, teachers can produce high quality and personalised reports for each child they teach. By logging into the online portal, they can easily access their current pupil information, select responses based on the child’s ability for each technique on their chosen instrument and write a narrative for parents to read about how their child is progressing.

Appraise allows teachers to edit this information with ease, as well as keeping it all in the same place for easy access, saving time for both teachers writing the report and managers reviewing them.


Administrators can require a Line Manager to review a report before it is sent directly to the parent from Ensemble, which could be the administrator, ensuring that your organisation can double-check all reports are of a high standard, while at the same time keeping an eye on progress, performance and attendance of all pupils.


Administrators set up the customisable reporting tool in Ensemble, defining each instrument with a list of techniques and lessons that pupils are required to learn and achieve. They set up narrative boxes to allow teachers to expand on lessons learned well and skills to be worked on. Appraise sends out the reports from Teachers to Managers to Parents quickly and easily, saving time and effort, through our online system as administrators no longer have to send out reports via post.