About Paritor

Our company is committed to developing unique management and administration solutions for the education sector.

Solutions which not only save our clients time, but also help them to deliver a better service to their clients. Our team define new and innovative ways for organisations to manage their tuition, which in turn helps them to dedicate more time to their businesses.

Our History

Since the 1990’s Simon Dutton (Paritor MD) has been developing software solutions for businesses.

Accounting and administration software was in high demand and Simon was approached to find a solution to managing the day-to-day running of a Music Service; Ensemble was created. The key idea behind Ensemble and all Paritor software was to run successful and efficient businesses whilst being able to take care of other important areas and manage time effectively.

The world of Software became key to offering a quality service.
In 2013 Paritor changed the way that it created and delivered Software to the education sectors, it expanded its user base to include a wider range of stakeholders in music hubs and also transformed Ensemble into a user-friendly front-end solution.

We now offer a range of products to different areas within education sectors and provide full support to all of them. Paritor is committed to ensuring that we build and maintain strong reliable relationships with all of our customers.